Cowboy Pride (Welcome to Covendale Book 1) By Morgan Blaze

cowboys pride

This book is a nice light read and if you don’t have a lot of time to read a long drawn at novel this is the perfect novel for you. If you don’t look for plot holes and are not concerned with a fast paced relationship, then you should check this book out. You won’t always like the main characters, but at the end of this novella they win you over with their complete charm.

Sydney’s heart was broken six year’s earlier by Cam and now she has to do the unthinkable and ask for his help. Cam has become a complete recluse only leaving his Ranch when necessary. You won’t find him wondering the local bar or attending Sunday dinner with his neighbor’s. A miscommunication between them in high school caused a huge rift. When they meet again Sydney will barely recognize Cam, but underneath all that anger is a man struggling. If Cam let’s Sydney he just might be what he needs to heal his heart. Cam could also be just what Sydney needs to realize that she may have moved on, but fate definitely has a different plan for these two.

Cam is the silent type, with a stubborn streak a mile long. His pride is a focal point in this story. Sydney is quick to anger and stands up for what she believes in, even if she might not always be right. You won’t find a wimpy heroine in Sydney. She is not the damsel in distress type, but is willing to accept help if push comes to shove. Also, I find myself wanting to know more about some of the minor characters. For example, conversations between Sydney and her mother are lacking in sustenance. This story is roughly over a four-day span and I don’t find it possible to find yourself in love in that amount of time. I am not sure this author understands the different between love and sexual attraction.

There are some plot holes and it did bother me as a reader. You may find that she falls in and out of love much to fast for your liking. I also find the description in the story rather lacking as well. The only thing you really know is they live in the country and that the town name is Covendale. It is not clear where in the U.S. they are located. For all we know they could be in Montana or as far south as Texas. Also the love scenes are rather bland and dry.

I think if the novel and been longer those plot holes could have been fixed easily. Some of the scenes if they had been longer would have improved on this story. You will find no grammar issues in this novella, which is a sweet relief as many self published books have them. Overall this is a nice light novella with a couple who has miscommunication between themselves often, passion, and an enemy to watch out for at all costs.

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Avant Nation By C. D. Verhoff

avant nation

Avant Nation gives you everything you never thought of in this dystopia world. The author makes a very likable main character in Clara. My favorite thing is she is not your typical “pretty girl” Who says she is ugly or vise versa. She is a happy medium, which is a refreshing change in the young adult genre.

In this novel you will not find romance in the forefront, while it is mentioned it is more as an afterthought to us readers. Normally it takes me a few chapters to get into this sort of genre, but I found myself staying up till five in the morning just to finish this book. I can hear it in my head just one more chapter, yet I could not put this gem down.

Clara finds herself in the middle of a civil war, not only internally, but in the world around her as well. You will find not everything is black and white in this story and isn’t that how most view the real world today? The first time you meet Clara you realize she is different, but how different you do not find out till almost the very end. Sure this reader had her guess, but I readily admit my guess was completely wrong on many occasions.

The waring countries are really two sides to the same coin though neither has realized this as of yet. Even when the truth is flung in both parties faces it is clear they still want to believe their side, not the truth. This book is brimming with not only today’s views in society, but if you dig deep enough into our political views you will see many similarities as well.

I can honestly say I am looking forward to the sequel and all that will come in the near future for this author. I see great things in the future for her as a writer. While there were some minor grammar mistakes, they are easy to look over in such a thrilling story for the ages. If you have not read this I highly recommend it. This is the new Hunger Games and I would give it a five star rating.

Hire Me or Fire Me by Alexander McDonald

hire me or fire me by alexander mcdonald

This story is about a young boy who moves from Scotland to Canada and the stories of him growing up, this is the first in a trilogy. While this seemed like an interesting read, it was bland reading more as an essay than an actual story. You could either call it a short story or a long essay. The writer established many facts, but then went on to say he would not be getting into that, isn’t that the point of telling a story?

I felt like I was robbed of a great story. I personally would not recommend this one unless the author were to pull it from the shelf and do a re-write. It seems to me this author could be a good writer if some effort would be put forth. I think I would have been much happier if I could have gotten more details.

I truly don’t like to put down a book, especially when one such as this has such high potential. As it stands I could not in good conscience recommend this one to anyone perhaps in the near future if it has been revamped I may change my mind. I have to give this one a one out of five stars, not for its lack of creativity, but for its lack of detail. If I could describe it in three words I would say it was bland, dry, and uninspiring.

Pazazu Unbound

I just finished Pazazu Unbound, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that this was such a good book. In this one, we get several point of views from several main characters while this was good it was a bit confusing at times as the transition was not quite as smooth as it could be. This one is full of twist and turns and will keep you on the edge of the seat and like any good horror book it will keep you up late at night. This is one book you will not want to put down once you start it. It is all about the wind demon and if this isn’t your thing you may want to pass on this one.

The only thing I truly did not care for was the few racial slurs it had in this book. While this fact can be over looked, it did make me cringe a bit. There was also some small grammatical errors, which can be overlooked as this is such an amazing read. I rarely get surprised with endings or with twist and turns, but even I did not see many of these results coming. If you love Stephen King, this one is a must read. Without the grammar errors, I would give this one a five out of five stars. As it stands I give it a four out of five. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

A New Take on Vampires

A New Take on Vampires

I have just finished reading the first book in Allegra Skye’s Shadow Vampire series. It was fairly short with less than 200 pages and for me it did not quite grab the attention of this reader. It was more background information on the main character Keira and her twin sister Amanda. What I do love about this book is the main character Keira is not like other main characters. She describes the character in such a way that she does not come across as your typical pretty teenager as so many young adult authors are prone to these days.

Though there is not much action in the first-book, and you don’t see much action from the true protagonists it is clear their is some slight turmoil. Through the story, it has slight teen angst with a young girl just trying to learn who she is and what she really wants from life. I think if book one and book two was combined it would have been a much better book as things become a bit boring halfway through book one.

We also have a slight love interest with a boy name Cooper, but it falls flat as the author seemed to be rushing to make a love connection between the two. I feel no true connection between the two and as far as the ending goes it was nothing spectacular that would make me want to read book two. While it does have its good points, it has become quite obvious to this reader that the author has a long way to go before she will be successful in the supernatural world. You only see a brief glimpse of the shadow vampires which is very disappointing. I will give this one a two out five stars.

Just Another Zombie Book?


 The Tilian Virus is an up and coming book. It is of course is all about zombies, blood, and gore. A history teacher by the name of Mike Allard has been thrust into a leadership role he neither asked for nor wanted. He is far from his home now located in Tennessee in a fairly small town. Not much his know about where he comes from except, that he is from up North. The book switches from past to present every other chapter. While I find this a refreshing change it can also be confusing to the reader, as it is a bit like reading two books in one.

This is a trilogy so it does have a small cliff hanger at he end, but nothing too serious. You will find a lot of moral dilemma’s, things have changed in this world and not for the better I am afraid. Not only are you having to fight what everyone has declared Tils, but you are also having to face humans who are evil as well. This group of stragglers left behind have survived though many have been lost on the way. So, what else can you do but press forward is Mike Allard’s thinking.

You will find several side characters though I found no real attachment to any as of yet, since there is no background story for any of them so far The character on Michelle is a bit intriguing, we learn a tiny bit about this one in the past chapters. I really do wish he had separated this book into two stories. I feel like if he had done so there would have been much more character development. Also, I find a lot of similarities between this book and The Walking Dead series. For instance, both are led by male characters with the same traits. Both tend to not want to be the leader, but seem to step up and do it anyway. Also there are scenes in the book that are very similar.

I feel like this author got his inspiration from this series, but with so many character flaws it falls short of being great and borders on mediocre. I don’t expect every character to be fully developed, but I believe the main ones should at least give us a semblance of who they are. As a fan of zombies, I find this one sorely lacking. This would be the perfect script for a B-movie though. Especially since you have no idea who this characters really are. I find the writing to be a bit drab with very little actually said. For it being a first book by author Tom Calen it is not that bad it just lacks a lot in the character development. Maybe in the next book we will learn more about these characters until then I have to give this one a three out of five stars. Really though you should be on the look out for this author because I see great things in the future for this one.

Uninvited By Sophie Jordan

I just finished reading Uninvited by Sophie Jordan and I have to say I was quite impressed with her first book in this series. It is a great start in the dystopia genre, unlike other reviews I find it a fresh take in the dystopia world. Everyone is being tested for what they call a killer gene. Which in and of itself is unique.

Our main character is diagnosed with this disorder which is a shock to everyone. Our main character has lived a very sheltered life and as the novel progresses you begin to understand her. I like the fact that the love story is in the background and not at the forefront like so many other YA novels these days. The only true down fall I see is the fact that she tends to be very egotistical. Even, though she thinks she is too good to be lumped together with the other children with this same gene deformity, she makes friends with who most would consider the weak links of the group. She falls for the one person you would never expect. By the end of this book I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

The main male character in this book is very mysterious which is a contrast to the main female character who you know everything about in the first chapter, but things are not so forth coming with our male character. By the end of the book you feel like you are just starting to unravel the mystery of the main male character. Which is a nice change-up, since I like a mysterious character. If you are in love with the new dystopia craze then I feel this is the book for you. It could very well be the next Hunger Games or Divergent. Like the Hunger Games the love story is in the background. I feel like in the next book we will get more of a taste of the love story.

As for the minor characters some are quite lovable, while some are just down right evil. It is hard to choose who is more evil the government or some of the other characters with the kill gene. There is violence galore in this book especially toward the end. So, if that isn’t your thing you may want to reconsider reading this one. Don’t worry it isn’t on the level of Stephen King by any means. If you didn’t question your society before, you may just question it after reading this one. This book reveals what can happen when the government over steps in society. I would give this one a four out of five. Have a book you would like me to review? Leave a comment below.